The Beginning, So It Seems

So, this is the beginning of me writing after being away for many years. I am not sure of what exactly I will be writing about I know some of it will be related to IT security and cloud technologies. There will be some other random topics as well, I’m sure.

As an IT professional, what are the pressing realities of our current environment? This is an ever changing landscape and if we aren’t staying up on the cutting edge, we are going to miss it. I hope to spur myself to push out to the current state of things and possibly the cutting edge.

Start the conversation here and let’s learn and grow together!

2 thoughts on “The Beginning, So It Seems

    1. How did you even find me, man? I haven’t made this site known yet. I was looking at your site last night and was going to let you know about this but held off. Glad you found me again.


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